Bring your business to Reno, Sparks, Lake Tahoe Nevada area. See our Evens Calendar here are some slide show pics from our spring opening,

Rodeo Jewelry brining back the sweet old time shopping atmosphere of the past, online soon. For now see us at the shows, for the best crafted, Artists Jewelry, very best art, real jewelry, direct from American family jewelers, Jewelry MFG. To learn and see more go to: Event Calendar . at: to shop our local selections.

Season fashions begin every year, With Smith Jewelry, spring jewelry new lines.

Manufacturing the very best jewelry, real jewelry, we create and offer, from top gold and silver, and gold Smith Jewelers, family Jewelry MFG facilities, in the land, our line of Spring Jewelry, will be leading the coming years season fashions, so you can buy to wear the in fashion jewelry, including diamond fashions,

Our product lines include traditional, retro vintage, old west and new desig

See our list of clients SOON

At Rodeo jewelry we are Leading the cowboy jewelry and cowgirls jewelry industry re creating new old collections, from 20 to 100 year old lost antique jewelers molds, recovered 8 years ago, of breathtaking designs and exceptional craftsmanship. Exclusive distributors with the wildest west selection of the best quality, included with our top line of Italian Sterling, chain and Italian Gold Chain . Our Cowgirls, Cowboy Jewelry, Montana Jewelry, lines, and website links, are one of the best parts of Rodeo Jewelry, online. We create the worlds  most exclusive, unique, fossilized, prehistoric, genuine, fossil, Sharks teeth and Claw, Dinosaur Jewelry.

For our customers we offer the Jewelry Gift Card, to purchase at no additional cost. To our most loyal VIP customers we will offer the Jewelry Credit Card, 0 % 1st 3 months.
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